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Mental imagery is a potent yet straightforward method for healing and developing awareness that is increasingly gaining attention in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. It helps you regain your strength and creativity by releasing you from tension, worry, and suffering and restoring your natural healing and intuitive abilities.

Research has shown that mood disorders and the development of certain psychopathologies are often related to the negative images one holds of an incident in their life and that contributes to the strength and production of negative emotions.

The mind is incredibly powerful and capable of influencing the body in significant ways. Our bodies react the same, regardless of whether something is actually happening or if we are simply thinking of it. Studies have demonstrated that by using functional MRIs and PET scans we can map out what occurs in the human brain when using Mental Imagery and see that the parts of the brain related to the subconscious mind do not have the ability to tell the difference between what is real and a figment of the Imagination. A simple example of this is the involuntary response of salivation that is caused when the brain perceives that one is sucking onto a slice of lemon. In other words, we can say that the brain perceives the Image of sucking on a slice of lemon as a true experience.

Having said that, it is important to consider that one may cognitively “know” that something is true for them, but they may still be “emotionally trapped” in their old maladaptive habits. Mental Imagery helps you get past the intellectual “knowing” and address the emotional connection to the images you hold within about your life circumstances and your self image. It is a safe treatment that is consistent with almost any other method of medicine and healing.

In the western spiritual tradition, Mental Imagery is known as the language of the intelligence of the heart. It is essentially a language that is common in all of us, but which most people have not been trained to perceive and understand. Its application is based on the model of phenomenology and on the concept that our thoughts, ideas and beliefs are imprinted in our mind in the form of images, through our senses and emotions. These images depict how we perceive the world within and around us. By transforming the images, we transform our perception.

It is the mental function by which we depict what is happening within us and outside us in the form of images. In simple words, we think in pictures. However, we are mostly familiar with our most well-known cognitive function, which is logic. In our everyday life, we communicate with each other and we perceive what we call objective reality through logic and discursive thinking. Mental Imagery is our non-logical function, our intuition, which we use to communicate with our inner, subjective reality. In fact, just as one could say that an image is worth a thousand words, experiments have shown that information shared between a practitioner and the client is processed more effectively through Mental Imagery compared to verbal analysis.

The conscious application of Mental Imagery sets into operation the process of pure imagination in which we transcend the limits of the rational mind, we shift beyond the limits of time and space, and we spontaneously receive non-self-centered information that not only reveals, in a matter of minutes, the true perception we have of ourselves and of the experiences we are having, but also the new possibilities that are readily available to us in order to take a more beneficial direction in our life.

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Dream Reading

As an inherent and vital function, dreaming has its purpose for our survival, just like any other physiological function. The information that dreams contain form your Book of Life, indicating, your state of health, your life direction, the challenges you face and how to overcome them, all the possibilities you may have available to you in the moment and messages from your higher realms of consciousness.



Face Reading

Face reading, (also known as morphology), is a powerful tool for developing best business practices, and is also highly beneficial for social relationships and child-rearing, as well as enhancing our creativity, health, and self-awareness. Explore the meaning of the face which allows you to compassionately understand others and know yourself.



The Origins

Imagery, dreams and visions have been throughout the world the most common method of diagnosis and treatment. In the Ancient Hellenic era, during which the art of medicine was at its peak, imagery-based diagnosis and therapy comprised the standard approach to health issues and guidance (Achterberg, 1985).


Clinical Research

The nature of Imagery is both diagnostic in the sense that images reflect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our existence that call for exploration and healing, as well as therapeutic in that it reveals a live treasure of therapeutic symbols which comprise the key to our transformation. All that is needed is to be trained in understanding the language of Imagery and the messages it conveys.



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