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Explore the meaning of the face which allows you to compassionately understand others and know yourself.

Artwork by Hildegard of Bingen

Face Reading is a powerful tool for developing best business practices, and is also highly beneficial for social relationships and child-rearing, as well as enhancing our creativity, health, and self-awareness.

This is an ancient diagnostic system for self-knowledge and healing adapted to suit our Western Lifestyles. Our face and body shape reveal the temperament we have come into the world with, our personality (the interface between what the world imposes on us and our response) and our character (qualities and traits that we inscribe in ourselves by which we make our mark on the world).

Our unique physical and physiological predispositions and needs are revealed as well. For example, face reading can reveal what diet, supplements, and exercise suit you. The roots of this art and science are found in both the monotheistic and Egyptian Pharaonic traditions. It was supplemented by the ancient Greeks through the Four Humors and remained the major diagnostic system of the West up until the middle of the Renaissance when it was submerged by the development of the natural sciences. Face Reading is still taught in the French medical school curriculum. It correlates with embryological development and anatomical laws.

How can a Face Reading Analysis help me?

  • Understanding our morphological design gives us a broader understanding of why we think, feel and behave in certain ways.
  • Gaining an understanding of ourselves, removes feelings of guilt, since we realize we are acting in true alignment with our inherent structure.
  • Face Reading can inform us of whether we are acting disproportionately with respect to a certain characteristic, which enables us to realign with our inherent nature and restore balance.
  • Gaining an understanding of other people removes judgmental tendencies and labels.
  • It helps practitioners understand where their clients are coming from and what makes them tick and they can accordingly assist them in becoming empowered to implement the changes they are striving for.

The face is a unique reflection of our genetic, inherited inclinations as well as the effects that life, nature, and relationships have had upon us. By looking at a person’s face, you can gain valuable insight into their personality, health, and how they navigate in the world.

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Mental Imagery

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Dream Reading

As an inherent and vital function, dreaming has its purpose for our survival, just like any other physiological function. The information that dreams contain form your Book of Life, indicating, your state of health, your life direction, the challenges you face and how to overcome them, all the possibilities you may have available to you in the moment and messages from your higher realms of consciousness.



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