Dream Reading

Direct your Life Plan

Cleanse your dreams, dream consciously and understand the language of dreams and the messages they contain for your present and your future.

Everyone dreams, but few remember them or pay any attention to them. The ability to dream is an inherent function we all have, equally important as breathing is. While our physiological functions ensure our physical survival, our mental functions, such as will, imagination, and dreaming, help us survive emotionally and socially.  The information that dreams contain form your Book of Life, indicating, your state of health, your life direction, the challenges you face and how to overcome them, all the possibilities you may have available to you in the moment and messages from your higher realms of consciousness.

Dream Reading has nothing to do with the conventional way of analyzing and interpreting dreams. It is a process of analogical thinking, excluding and bypassing the interpretative nature of the habitual, analytical mind which tends to intervene. It is directly linked to the practice of mental imagery because mental imagery exercises trigger the onset of revelatory dreams related to the intention you have set and which you are working on. This provides you with an in-depth picture of what is happening in your life currently and what could potentially unfold in the days ahead of you, as well as what actions you can take to pave a beneficial life direction. Hence, dreamwork plays an important role in one’s development and maturity.

This method of dream reading in our sessions proves to be highly beneficial as it unlocks hidden messages that release you from restrictions and empower you to move forward in life in openness, hope, and faith.

Even if you believe that you do not dream, this method can help you regain the ability to restore your memory of your night dreams and, as a result, your creative and intuitive abilities will increasingly enhance overall. 

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Mental Imagery

Mental imagery is a potent yet straightforward method for healing and developing awareness that is increasingly gaining attention in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. It helps you regain your strength and creativity by releasing you from tension, worry, and suffering and restoring your natural healing and intuitive abilities.



Face Reading

Face reading, (also known as morphology), is a powerful tool for developing best business practices, and is also highly beneficial for social relationships and child-rearing, as well as enhancing our creativity, health, and self-awareness. Explore the meaning of the face which allows you to compassionately understand others and know yourself.



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Demetra Monocrusso

Professional Coach and Mental Imagery Clinician

All services provided by Demetra Monocrusso are in alignment and in accordance with the wholistic model of health taught by the American Institute for Mental Imagery of New York which is chartered by the New York State Regents to train clinicians in the GEMS integrative healing system.

They have been personally endorsed and approved by the founder and director of the institute Dr. Gerald N. Epstein, MD, an internationally renowned psychiatrist and one of the foremost practitioners of integrative healthcare for healing and transformation.

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