Exercise for School Exams

Below is a good exercise by Sara Berkovits, to instill confidence and mental clarity in preparation for the exam you are taking.

Sit upright and comfortably in a chair, with your feet touching the ground and your palms rested on your thighs, just as you have seen images of a Pharaoh sitting in his chair. Do not cross your hands or feet.

Begin by letting out a long, slow exhalation from your mouth and inhaling normally through the nose. Do this three times and then allow your breathing to find its normal, peaceful rhythm.

On the next long exhalation from your mouth, choose the grade you wish to receive for the specific exam you are taking.

See, sense and feel yourself knowing the answers to each question. Do not go into detail. Just see yourself knowing the answer and writing it out with assurance and confidence.

Breathe out once through the mouth, long and slow.

See that you are now receiving the result of the exam. See the grade you want written on your paper. See it clearly.

Say to yourself “I understand that by believing in myself, I bring about the best in me”.

Breathe again, long and slow through the mouth and then open your eyes.

Do this exercise every morning as soon as you wake up and before engaging in any morning activities.

Do it once more, before you fall asleep.

Do it every day throughout the school examination period.

Remember, by aligning yourself with your true powerful spirit, you have the inherent ability to create the experience you wish to have. Also, remember that, whatever the outcome is, as we say in Greece, everything is for the best.

Above all, Be Happy!

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Demetra Monocrusso

Demetra Monocrusso

Demetra Monocrusso is a mental imagery practitioner whose primary mission is to continue the ancient spiritual tradition of the West of tapping into the infinite power of the intelligence of the heart, through a series of heart coherent and spontaneous imagery experiences. This practice allows for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and inspiration; it nurtures the soul and protects it from going astray.

She holds mental imagery coaching sessions, group classes, and workshops all over the world helping people connect with their inner wisdom and bring about a transformation of their attitude that keeps them on the path of Life.

She completed her training under the personal guidance and supervision of her teacher and mentor, Dr. Gerald Epstein. MD., psychiatrist and mystic, founder of the American Institute for Mental Imagery who was a direct student of Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat, one of the few pure Mental Imagery Teachers in our modern era.

She is also a certified Professional Coach, having completed her theoretical and practical training at CWAYS Group and she holds a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde, UK.