January: the Mystical Portal to Transformation

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In this article, I discuss the mystical significance of the month of January and how you can utilize it to bring about change in the new year. I’m also providing you with a mental imagery exercise as my gift to you for the new year.

One of the most important ancient deities of Roman times is a God named Janus from where the word January is derived. This deity is depicted with two faces, one facing the east where the sun rises and the other facing the west where the sun sets, depicting the passage of time.
Janus is also depicted holding a rod or staff in his right hand and two keys in his left hand.

The staff Janus holds is a conduit or cosmic connector between heaven and earth. It is a direct link to information of the spirit realms and earth realms as the rod connects the two.
He holds a gold key representing  the sun, the male element, the yin, which unlocks spiritual power and a silver key, representing the moon, the female element, the yan, unlocks temporal power.

Keys denote liberation; knowledge; the mysteries and initiation. Janus holding these keys is the god of initiation; he holds the Keys of Power to open and close the door that gives access to the realm of gods and men, to the doors of the solstices of Winter and Summer, the Janua Coeli in Capricorn being the door of the gods, and the Janua Inferni in Cancer the door of men.

In this month of January, we are now going through the Janua Coeli cycle of Capricorn.

In mythology, Capricornus was the gate of the Gods.  So, here we have another direct connection as Janus is known to be the god of beginnings and transitions and therefore all manner of Portals, Doorways and Passages and the elements of movement and change.

Last, Janus is also connected with the uroboros, the snake eating its tail and the symbol of the cycle of life and death, of new beginnings and rebirth.

So, Janus is a fascinating deity to contemplate during this period of the winter solstice. It is not by chance that we feel driven in this period of time to make new beginnings and bring about a change or achieve something new in our life.

What happens is that we have been accustomed to set new goals.  Goals are the end result of your endeavors and but remember that goals are projected into the future which hasn’t manifested yet. So, as you think about them and determine what they will be, you are placing your goals in a realm that doesn’t even exist yet!  The consequence of this is that, while you’re setting a goal, at the same time you’re setting yourself up for the possibility of failure. Because setting a goal in the non-existent future creates the expectation of it being achieved. Expectation can be accompanied by the fear of failure and this also brings about self-doubt. This situation can sap your energy to the point that your efforts can become arduous and the road to achievement can seem to be endless. Most of you ultimately give up or you get distracted by other things going on in your life and make your goals a lower priority.

Now, setting goals is a fine thing to do, but what is often missing in their accomplishment is the actual intention that drives us to their achievement.

Is there a difference between setting an intention and setting a goal?

My beloved teacher, Dr. Gerald Epstein, founder and director of the American Institute for Mental Imagery, taught that “intention aims towards a purpose and purpose is a movement towards something“.

A goal is a static and fixed idea of what you want to achieve. It has no life in it. Intention carries life of movement with it.  And this is directly linked to the practice of mental imagery, because mental imagery triggers inner movement. Mental imagery is all about the process of change and transformation, not about the products or the goals. It is an excellent way to heal or change a quality of yourself – emotionally, physically or spiritually

So, you need to set an actual intention of the goal you have in mind.

The key to truly manifesting your new year’s resolution is to breathe life into your intention on a daily basis.

I’ve created a mental imagery exercise for you which you can do every morning as soon as you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. Its purpose is to help you practically access the mystical portal this time of the year has to offer, so that you can daily breathe life into your intention that will lead you to the achievement of your goal.

During the period between morning and night, let go of your intention and stay in the moment, dealing with whatever you have before you.

Remember, regardless of what is happening around you, true change starts with you and you have that infinite power to bring about change.

Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat who was the primary master of our times in mental imagery summed up the process of mental imagery in this phrase:

The image is life, which comes to help life, and it is the movement of life that starts life moving again.

First you need to have set your intention. For example, in this exercise I am using the intention of shifting from being stuck to the quality of inspiration. You can replace the quality with the one that is of importance to you.

Demetra Monocrusso

Demetra Monocrusso

Demetra Monocrusso is a mental imagery practitioner whose primary mission is to continue the ancient spiritual tradition of the West of tapping into the infinite power of the intelligence of the heart, through a series of heart coherent and spontaneous imagery experiences. This practice allows for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and inspiration; it nurtures the soul and protects it from going astray.

She holds mental imagery coaching sessions, group classes, and workshops all over the world helping people connect with their inner wisdom and bring about a transformation of their attitude that keeps them on the path of Life.

She completed her training under the personal guidance and supervision of her teacher and mentor, Dr. Gerald Epstein. MD., psychiatrist and mystic, founder of the American Institute for Mental Imagery who was a direct student of Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat, one of the few pure Mental Imagery Teachers in our modern era.

She is also a certified Professional Coach, having completed her theoretical and practical training at CWAYS Group and she holds a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde, UK.

If you are interested in working with Demetra to gain a deeper understanding of this work, fill in the contact form so that we can get in touch and discuss.

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