Healing through Fire

by Demetra Monocrusso

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Fire has destructive properties; however, fire also transmutes!

On account of the latest wildfires that have devastated Greece on many fronts, with the destruction of vast forest areas, and the displacement of many inhabitants, and observing the collective expression of anger, despair, and sadness on social media, I meditated and remembered the words of my beloved  teacher, Dr. Jerry Epstein, blessed be his memory, former director of the American Institute of Mental Imagery.

  1. Nothing happens by chance. Everything that happens is connected and a result either of an error or of a righteous act.
  2. Observe the events around you and think by analogy.

Right now as we speak, the beautiful forests of Greece are burning down, a whole ecosystem is being destroyed, people are being displaced from their homes and animals are perishing in the fire.  All this is definitely a result of our errors, collectively and individually. Errors of governmental mechanisms, but also errors on our own part, either by ignoring the lack of fire protection measures and the passing of bills that allow for the non-protection of forests and non-reforestation, in favor of building large projects “for the sake of public interest”. And all this because we have our attention turned and focused solely towards our individual needs and desires.

For those of you who are experiencing feelings of rage, despair, disappointment and sadness… this is a good sign! It is a sign that the breath of Life is stilling pulsing within you! Spirit!

Now is the time to experience these feelings in their totality. It serves you not to avoid them, pushing them away, or trying to “subdue” them in order to “recenter” or “re-harmonize” with your higher center of existence. It does not work that way. This IS the expression of your higher self. It is jolting you out of a comatose and habitual state of existence. It is of no use trying to continue on with your life, those of you who are not directly affected, as if it has not happened to you. For we are all connected, whether we are aware of it or not, and it is happening to all of us. These feelings carry an important message for you. Listen to them. What is your rage screaming? What is your sadness saying?

Turn your attention away from the Scribes and the Pharisees towards which your emotions are addressed. These people are leading themselves to self-destruction. In order to avoid not being carried away along with them, it is time for introspection. It is time to surrender to the experience of these feelings and clarify what it is exactly that is angering you, that is making us despair and that is saddening you.

Now is the time to heal with fire! To surrender to the feeling that has overwhelmed you, to listen to its message, to pass through it and to transmute it.

What is it that I want from Life?

How do I want the world I live in to be for myself and future generations?

What error have I committed in my everyday life that has contributed to this situation? 

What intention do I have from now on to correct my error? 


To heal with Fire is to heal the Heart

Now is the time to shift from sadness to empowerment, from apathy to diligence and compassion, from rage to fearlessness, from despair to visionary ideas and creation!

This is how we are able to bring about the change we wish to see. Not by expecting situations and people outside of us to change, but by individually cultivating, developing and nurturing the qualities we wish our life to be defined by, as well as the environment we live in.

Once you discover what your intention is, you can practice the following mental imagery exercise, if you wish, for as many days as you feel necessary, so that you may nurture and strengthen the new seed of intention which you will have planted within in you. In order for the road to open and have your heart’s desires met, first the heart needs to be cleaned of all that is drowning its voice.



Exercise: Healing with Fire

(inspired by the exercise “One Heart” of Madame τColette Aboulker-Muscat ).

  • Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly. State your intention.
  • On the next long exhalation through the mouth, see, sense and feel that you are in front of a fire of raging fire. This fire has been fueled by your errors of the past. For example, an error could be having greed for wanting more and better than what you already have. Avoid analysing your errors. Recognizing them is more than sufficient.
  • On the next long exhalation through the mouth, see a large cloud gathering above your head and feel the heavy rain falling on you and soaking you wet.
  • Pass through the raging fire and reach the other side. If you are afraid of getting burnt, invite a loved one or an angel to assist you or create a protective shield around you with the light of the sun. As you pass through the fire, see it quashed by the water you carry with you from having been soaked.
  • What is waiting for you on the other side? If it is unpleasant, see the sun rays scanning the whole region before you and transforming it to anything that gives your soul joy.
  • On the next long exhalation through the mouth, see a mountain before you and climb to its peak.
  • See, sense and feel yourself wanting with all your heart to hear God or the Universe. You know for that you need to reach the level of total unity with every other person present. All must be like one person with one heart.
  • If you are unable to feel this unity, there is resentment of the one you resist, who is next to you. You will be physically there, but not feel the ecstatic joy of the love union. Rise to that feeling of unity and feel the life-giving force flooding you.
  • On the next long exhalation through the mouth, open your eyes and record your experience in writing.


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