Gifts of the Magi

Canvas Art by Henry Collier

The following exercise was given by my beloved teacher, Dr. Gerald Epstein, MD, founder of the American Institute for Mental Imagery.

The gratuitousness of the three Magi, who sought out the Master of Christianity, is overlooked and hardly mentioned.

This gratuitousness was evident in their humility and gratitude in bearing and delivering three gifts. These gifts were the essential ingredients necessary for Jesus’ journey to fulfilling his purpose as the instrument for delivering a message of love and freedom.

Each of the gifts had a special meaning necessary to promote the person he became. They are:

  1. Gold — the elixir of self-transformation and transmutation: the former as evolution of self through individual chapters of growth; the latter the alchemical transition from an “ordinary” human existence to one of “impossible” realization as the one who overcame death through resurrection.
  2. Frankincense — the powder that stimulates creative energies to such a level that the Master of Christianity could envision a world of messianic proportions to convey to others and awake in their imaginations the hope for the dawning and fruition of such a possibility (not fulfilled then, not now, but definitely coming).
  3. Myrrh — the powder that serves to eliminate the need for vanity, the most destructive force on Earth. In vanity, humans seek to arrogate to themselves the character and power of God, seek to dominate, subjugate, and control not only others but nature itself. Humility replaces vanity, sanctifying ourselves by aligning ourselves with the Will of the Universal One Mind/God.

Prescience and precognition are a natural outgrowth to those who serve Intangible Reality, as the Magi did by following the star to give gifts to the infant child. See the imagery exercise The Gift of the Magi to unfold your own transformation.

Do the following the imagery exercise to unfold your own transformation.


Dr. Jerry

Intention: Self-Growth

Do this exercise once during the holiday.

Sit up straight in a chair and close your eyes. Breathe evenly and regularly– long slow exhalations through the mouth and brief, normal inhalations through the nose. After several of these full respirations:

Imaginally descend a staircase to find your Christmas tree. Under the tree, find a beautifully wrapped wooden box. Carefully open the box to find gold, frankincense, and myrrh, each contained in individual silk sacks. Take them out and find a card at the bottom addressed to you from your personal magus. The card explains the three gifts:

  • gold for self-transformation; 
  • frankincense for creative energy;
  • myrrh for the end of vanity and pride.

The card is signed “Love.” Keep them as reminders of your intentions to fulfill in the coming year.

How do you feel?

Breathe out and open your eyes.

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Demetra Monocrusso

Demetra Monocrusso

Demetra Monocrusso is a mental imagery practitioner whose primary mission is to continue the ancient spiritual tradition of the West of tapping into the infinite power of the intelligence of the heart, through a series of heart coherent and spontaneous imagery experiences. This practice allows for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and inspiration; it nurtures the soul and protects it from going astray.

She holds mental imagery coaching sessions, group classes, and workshops all over the world helping people connect with their inner wisdom and bring about a transformation of their attitude that keeps them on the path of Life.

She completed her training under the personal guidance and supervision of her teacher and mentor, Dr. Gerald Epstein. MD., psychiatrist and mystic, founder of the American Institute for Mental Imagery who was a direct student of Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat, one of the few pure Mental Imagery Teachers in our modern era.

She is also a certified Professional Coach, having completed her theoretical and practical training at CWAYS Group and she holds a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde, UK.