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February: Spiritual Cleansing and Reversing Past Errors

The name of the month of February comes from Februus which is connected to the word FebruareFebruare means to purify and the word Februae means purifications.

Februus was an ancient Roman deity and, for the ancient Romans, the month of February was sacred. On the 15th of this month, Rome was purified by honoring the dead, since Februus was also regarded as a god of the underworld.

Hence Februus was identified with Pluto, who in ancient Greek mythology, was the ruler of the underworld.

The celebration of Februalia was also connected to Vesta, a hearth goddess because fire was used as a method of purification. The Roman philosopher, Cicero, wrote that the name Vesta comes from the Greeks, who called her Hestia, as she exercised power over altars and hearths.

These rituals and celebrations were also considered to invoke fertility in both humans and animals. Because of this, February was also sacred to Juno the wife of Jupiter or Hera, according to Ancient Greek mythology, the wife of Zeus. The Roman Juno and the Greek Hera were different in certain ways, but both of them were considered queens and goddesses of marriage and childbirth. For this reason, Juno’s surname was Februata or Februitis.

So, during this month of February, you can utilize the energies of purification.

What is Purification? It is cleansing. Cleansing is felt as a sense of unburdening, which most of us experience for example, when bathing or showering. Most ancient medical systems employed cleansing procedures. Egyptian physicians, for example, made bathing a requirement for healing, as did all known cultures of the ancient world, East and West. 

In ancient times, specific cleansing rituals were performed during this month of February. In our modern world, the word ritual sometimes tends to ignite some skepticism. But let’s look at the essence of this word.

Dr. Jerry Epstein, Director of the American Institute of Mental Imagery, stated that:

the purpose of a ritual act is to remember our relationship in time and space to an authentic inner experience, which we honor. At the heart of this practice is inner remembrance. Without connecting to the essence, to the inner dimension, the physical action of a ritual is just a routine.

He pointed out that “to remember is to put ourselves back together again” to become whole in other words. And he refers to the ancient Egyptian pharaonic legend of Osiris, god of the realm between life and death, and his companion Isis, goddess of wisdom.

Roman God Februus

Greek God Pluto

Osiris is murdered by his brother Seth and he’s cut up into 14 pieces that are buried in different parts of Egypt. Isis learns of the murder and proceeds to collect the pieces. After doing so, she resurrects Osiris by putting his body back together. She remembered him by restoring his members back to his torso and head. She re-membered him not only physically, but also mentally – Imaging him back to life.

Spiritually speaking, cleansing is considered the most important step in opening yourself to becoming whole. Becoming whole is another way of saying becoming awakened or enlightened. I prefer using the terms “to remember” “or to become whole”.


Now, cleansing is not limited to detoxing our physical bodies, eating organic food or protecting our environment through saging. There is also spiritual cleansing.

In Hinduism and Buddhism they speak of shifting from Karma to Dharma. Karma being the totality of a person’s actions and behavior during past incarnations, which are influencing that person’s destiny in this life, and Dharma being cosmic law and order, the nature of truth, underlying right behavior and social order.

In the ancient western spiritual traditions, they speak of reversing past errors, be they of this life or ancestral.

In western religions, they speak about “redeeming our sins” the meaning of which has been distorted overtime and perceived as punishment, but if you research the true meaning of this word, in ancient Greek for example, the verb amartano [αμαρτάνω] – to sin – means to have missed the mark and the noun amartia [αμαρτία] – a sin- means “failing to do the virtueous”. In other words, to have sinned means to have made an unethical choice.

In this article, I’m focusing on the cleansing process which entails reversing past ethical errors.

One, therefore, needs to descend into the depths of themselves and reclaim the parts of themselves that are in error and re-member themselves into wholeness. And this is where the Underworld comes in.

People associate the underworld with darkness and death. And where death is involved the notion of pain and fear arises. But what is it that dies?
It is everything impure within you and which is burdening your psyche, imprisoning you in a vicious cycle of habitual thinking and behaviors that organize your life at the moment and cause pain and suffering.

The underworld is your friend. Remember that Pluto was also the god of wealth because diamonds and other jewels come from beneath the earth. Delving into the depths of yourself allows you to bring light in, purify the aspects of yourself that are erroneous or unethical and discover your hidden diamonds and jewels.
An error is having made an ethical error and these errors result in experiences of guilt, self-punishment and suffering. Why does it result in this? Dr. Jerry Epstein would emphasize that, for each of us, every moral or ethical error is recorded in our bodies and this reflects into the way we function, physically, emotionally and mentally. On a subconscious level, we are aware of the ethical error we have made and that it remains uncorrected. Since it hasn’t been corrected, we tend to punish ourselves in an unaware manner until it deteriorates us physically or until we reach a point when we get fed up and decide to face what it is that is causing you suffering.

If you haven’t identified the ethical errors underlying your current habitual behavioral pattern which is organizing your life at the moment, you’re just creating layers upon layers of hindrances and obstacles that maintain a distance between how you perceive yourself now and who you really are, which is a powerful divine being having a physical experience.

What are examples of an ethical error? Dr. Jerry Epstein refers to the 5 dark currents of will. We have been educated from a young age to take, to keep and to hold. As we grow, we develop the 5 dark currents of will which is to take, keep, and hold onto at the expense of others, advance at the expense of others, and we have the desire to be great. From these dark currents of will spring a number of ethical errors.

So, in order to ascend and attune to higher frequencies of energy, one must heal. To heal, one must begin by “cleaning up their act. This is part of the conscious act of will. It’s part of the decision to take a hard, clear inward look at ourselves and be open to understanding what our bodies and feelings are telling us. With mental imagery we can clear away our denials that something is wrong, clean up our delusions, and shine a light on our habitual destructive patterns.
Then we can meet our ailments in person and heal ourselves. Cleansing is part of healing, and mental imagery and cleansing together make space for new, healthful patterns to emerge, for new, positive growth and wholeness.

Mental imagery is a powerful means to engage in the inner remembrance of ourselves. Our receptivity to the message entailed in the imagery is strengthened when we take action linking the inside and outside – through writing down our responses to the Imagery, drawing the Image, or finding a physical object that we discovered internally. All these serve as reminders for change and transformation.

If you’re interested in delving into the depths of yourself and commence your cleansing process, I’ve create an exercise to carry you through the process.