Based on idea/imagery by Judy Besserman

First, set your intention. To become open to experience.

Sit up straight in a chair, legs and arms uncrossed and close your eyes. Breathe evenly and regularly– long slow exhalations through the mouth and brief, normal inhalations through the nose. After several of these full respiratory cycles: 

Imagine yourself in jail.
Look around to find the key to unlock the cell door.
Use any light you need – if you need – to find the key.
Unlock the door and leave, taking the key with you.
Approach the guard and tell him you are leaving.
He nods yes.
You thank him and walk beyond him to a staircase having three tall steps up.
Climb these steps slowly.
At the top find a door.
Open it and walk out.
Close the door behind you.
Find what you discover and how you feel. Keep it for yourself.

Note: If the jailer objects, know you can return to the cell, lock yourself back in, keeping the key for future use if you wish to free yourself.

On the next long out-breath, open your eyes.

Write down your experience.

Don’t spend more than a minute or two on the exercise. These exercises are not meant to be done for more than one or two minutes.

Source: American Institute for Mental Imagery