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The Waterfall of Blue Light

Intention: Cleansing, Purifying

Sit up straight in a chair, legs and arms uncrossed and close your eyes. Breathe evenly and regularly– long slow exhalations through the mouth and brief, normal inhalations through the nose. After several of these full respiratory cycles:

See, sense and feel that you are in front of a cave. Your name is written above the entrance of this cave. It is your cave and it is safe to enter. 

With your fingertip, draw a sun ray from the sun in order to see inside the cave and, if you experience any sense of apprehension or fear,  have with you any protection you wish in the form of powerful gold light. It can be a shield or a sword or anything you imagine.

Enter the cave and find the steps that lead down below into the depths of the cave.

With your sun ray of light and your protection (if you feel you need any), descend 5 steps until you reach a platform… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….. 
If you encounter any difficulties, use your faith, determination and your gold protection to resolve it immediately.

Waiting for you at the bottom of the cave, is a guardian. This being is there to help you. The guardian has a message for you regarding your error. Ask what you error is. Are you taking, keeping and holding on to something that is at the expense of someone else? Are you trying to advance at the expense of someone else? Are you trying to project a false image of yourself in order to gain satisfaction from others? Whatever the error is, state it imaginally so that you acknowledge it. 

Take one next long outbreath from the mouth…

Your inner guardian is standing next to a waterfall with clear, blue running light.

Step under the waterfall to cleanse yourself of this error. Feel the temperature of the blue, clear, running light… It has the capacity to transmute your error. Feel and sense it flowing entering through the top of your head, cleansing you. Allow it to flow to the areas of your body which you feel or sense need cleansing. These are the areas which have been affected by your ethical error.  As they are being purified, see, sense or feel that these areas in your body are being polished and are now radiating a clear, blue light which expresses their true essence which is the opposite of your ethical error. What is the opposite of this specific ethical error? State it imaginally so that you may acknowledge it.  

When you sense or feel that you have finished, notice how you feel and how you look.

On the next long outbreath from the mouth…

Step out of the waterfall and thank your inner guide for helping you safely identify the error and offering the waterfall of blue light for your purification.  

Quickly ascend the 5 steps …5-4-3-2-1…  On zero you have reached the platform of the cave.

Exit the cave knowing that you now have reversed your error, you have purified this aspect of yourself and are able and ready to express in your every day life the true essence you discovered in the purification process. 

Breathe out and open your eyes.

Write down your experience.

If you experience that you cannot detect the error, do not worry. Continue to do this exercise and, with intention, the error will be revealed to you.

For this cleansing process to complete itself, do this exercise for as many days as you need to, once in the morning as soon as you wake up… sitting in a chair, arms and legs uncrossed, and once before you go to bed.

Don’t spend more than a minute or two on the exercise. These exercises are not meant to be done for more than one or two minutes. By doing them, you receive small doses of light on a daily basis and you breathe life into your intention and strengthen your voluntary will.
It’s just like in homeopathy, the principle of which is that small doses accelerate the healing and transformational process, whereas extended stimuli suppress it.

The above imagery exercise has been created by Demetra Monocrusso. Please give due credit if you use them in your workshops or sessions. 

Demetra Monocrusso

Professional Coach and Mental Imagery Clinician

All services provided by Demetra Monocrusso are in alignment and in accordance with the wholistic model of health taught by the American Institute for Mental Imagery of New York which is chartered by the New York State Regents to train clinicians in the GEMS integrative healing system.

They have been personally endorsed and approved by the founder and director of the institute Dr. Gerald N. Epstein, MD, an internationally renowned psychiatrist and one of the foremost practitioners of integrative healthcare for healing and transformation.

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